“A very warm welcome to the IMPA Marine Procurement Academy.

Our main aim has always been offering maritime procurement professionals the credibility and status that other disciplines enjoy, so education has understandably been at the very centre of the Association’s work for over a decade now. On this note, we are proud to have introduced the most comprehensive array of education programmes for the maritime industry, covering purchasing and supply chain management.

Our expert team has designed courses that teach you the skills of a lifetime and make you the cleverest negotiator, an excellent communicator and a very knowledgeable procurement professional. And with the role of the marine supply chain professional never more challenging that today, learning new things and being prepared to embrace change is now more important than ever.

Not only do we offer an excellent three-tier programme delivered fully online over several months through our Moodle e-learning platform, but we also offer short classroom-based or in-company courses in partnership with highly reputable bodies and organisations like Lloyd’s Register. Our team of professionals and lecturers behind our programmes has a reputation that is second to none and our administration team is always there to support your learning along the way.

Our students always leave our courses inspired, challenged and empowered; some in our last cohort got promoted, some went on to explore other opportunities. Make sure to read about their experience with our programmes. And if you too are considering the next step in your career and facing the question of how to progress further, browse our portal to see what we offer and then get in touch with our team to find out more or apply.

We want you to succeed.”

Susan Wraae Koefoed
IMPA Chair & CEO

Susan Wraae Koefoed holing the Marine Trader magazine

About IMPA

For over four decades, the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) has been at the heart of the marine procurement and supply chain management industry. Extremely proactive in the sector, we act as the voice of the marine procurement industry and bring forward a diverse portfolio of world-class products and initiatives that provide value to our members and beyond. Almost 1000 of the world’s leading ship-owning, ship-operating and supplying companies are members of IMPA and our geographical footprint extends to 90 different countries around the globe.

We are...

A membership organisation

We are one of the biggest and most active associations in the maritime procurement community, with members in more than 90 countries.

A global network

Through our membership, networking events, social channels and MT, we have amassed over 62,000 professionals active within IMPA and in the maritime procurement arena.


We direct an award-winning industry journal and maintain a Resource Centre with a continuous flow of papers and research for members’ benefit.


We founded IMPA ACT, the world’s first UN-aligned responsible supply chain management system for the global shipping industry, now adopted by over 100 major companies.

Language barrier breakers

We are co-creators and -developers of the leading product reference source for the maritime industry, facilitating product specification and referencing between ships, crew, office and suppliers.


We host a world-leading exhibition in London and sister events in Singapore and Greece, all dedicated to bringing the industry together for mutual benefit.


We designed the world’s first course for maritime-specific supply chain management education and continuously offer seminars, short courses and professional development learning.


We collaborate and build partnerships everywhere we go with recognised and renowned bodies and organisations, in order to offer our members continuous value through discounts and offers.

Why study with us?

The role of the marine supply chain professional has never been more challenging than today. In the face of digital disruption, increasing regulation and economic pressure, succeeding in the shipping industry is more exigent than ever. It is a game of big demands and high expectations, and IMPA believes that only education can empower, overcome and exceed.

About our Academy

We like to think of ourselves as challengers of status quo, constantly moving with the times and embracing change. We are creators, facilitators and promoters; we strive every day to elevate the status and effectiveness of marine purchasing. Our Marine Procurement Education Academy brought to the market exciting new programmes through which, together with our students, we build knowledge and challenge convention. By following our education programmes, students will benefit from a research-led professional education, a dynamic learning environment and the opportunity to enhance and sharpen their skills and knowledge.

Here is our promise to you:

Diversity and Inclusion

At IMPA, we believe strength is in diversity. Students from all over the world participate in our programmes and we make sure that our integrated classrooms, whether online or not, give them the opportunity to collaborate with different cultures to enhance the learning experience.

Specialised Curriculum

We are not going to lie; our programmes will challenge what you know so far, will take you out of your comfort zone and will constantly push you to strive for excellence. Our advanced curricula will ensure you leave the course empowered and comfortable to apply theory to practice.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

We believe in small class sizes, so we only allow a certain number of students at any one time. Not only does this ensure a less chaotic and more cohesive class culture, but you will also stay more engaged and form a better relationship with the lecturer or tutor.

Exciting Learning Methods

From using the flipped classroom model to ensure engagement during online discussions to using the case method to encourage brainstorming while analysing real-life scenarios, our lecturers’ second-to-none teaching techniques will surely pique your curiosity.

Your development

Your development is our priority. When you enrol in one of our programmes, you will be taught by highly skilled experts who will ensure you will leave the course with solid procurement and supply chain management knowledge.

All our courses are designed from an academic perspective and integrated with practical and useful scenarios. While procurement is a topic that is commercial in practice, gaining an in-depth understanding of it through taking a holistic approach is the only way to obtain tacit knowledge. By delving into the topics and carrying out the required tasks, you will improve your critical thinking skills and develop a lateral understanding of the subject. All our courses are also developed with students’ participation in mind. We count on you to engage in class and bounce ideas off the other students. This way, you will also gain a multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside your own spectrum.

Classroom-based learning

Our and our partners' short courses usually span across one or two days and are delivered either in company upon request or at a particular place and time that usually falls around one of IMPA’s main networking events and exhibitions in London, Athens or Singapore. Most of the classroom-based courses we support are created and delivered by our partners; these are highly reputable industry organisations such as Lloyd's Register or EDME.

These courses usually have a limited number of students allowed in the classroom and all study materials and working files are provided on the day by the organisers and/or the teaching staff.

Student engagement, communication and active participation are encouraged throughout the course in order to provide for exciting classes and for a much better learning experience.


Our online courses were created as soon as we recognised that traditional classrooms might no longer make the cut in some of the busy lives of professionals nowadays. Designed to be fully flexible and accommodate students all over the world, these courses are delivered entirely online using our Moodle learning environment.

Globally, Moodle powers thousands of learning environments and it is a platform designed to support both teaching and learning. Once you enrol in one of the programmes, you will be given log-in details to the Moodle e-learning platform which will host the majority of course materials and provide an online space for interactive teaching and collaborative learning. So what will you find in Moodle?

The student handbook and module outlines for each of your modules;

  • Video lectures and seminars;
  • Lecture slides, extracts from book chapters or journal articles;
  • Topical discussion forums and quizzes.

Moodle is extremely easy to use, mobile-friendly and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Students will be learning through watching video seminars, reading the recommended books and journal articles and actively engaging in discussion forums.