Celebrating education

Knowledge and learning are at the heart of everything we do. Today, join IMPA in celebrating education, the best tool we have to empower people, preserve the world, build prosperity and foster peace.

Almost three years ago, we launched the most comprehensive online education programme in the Association’s history, we welcomed students from all over the world and we saw them leave our courses empowered and ready to reimagine the future of procurement. After several months of consultation and intensive research and so soon after a day of global importance for education and sustainable development, IMPA will be launching its newest revamped Academy.

So what is new?

  • An exclusive portal for IMPA-led education courses designed for the maritime industry: www.impa-education.com
    As we support the delivery of multiple courses around the year, we thought it would be more appropriate to have a dedicated hub for all the courses that are on offer. With this new website, it is now easier for prospective students to browse and compare our programmes, whether entirely led by us or by partners such as Lloyd’s Register. Entry requirements, structure, teaching, assessment, fees and funding are all under one roof now. Readers can also find out a lot more information about the IMPA Academy, as well as case studies and our latest research. With this launch, the application process has also become a lot easier for students applying on their own behalf, as this is now carried out entirely online by filling in a form and attaching the required documents to it.

  • Moodle is now our preferred e-learning platform for delivering the online courses
    With Moodle powering thousands of learning environments worldwide, we knew from the very first try that it is perfect for the delivery of our online programmes. Hosting the majority of course materials, Moodle provides an online space for interactive teaching and promotes collaborative learning. It is extremely easy to use, mobile-friendly and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Once you enrol in one of our online courses, you will be given login details to the Moodle e-learning platform which you will use to access your course. You will find there the student handbooks and module outlines for each of your modules, video lectures and seminars, lecture slides, extracts from book chapters or journal articles, topical discussion forums and quizzes.

  • Improved curricula for the online programmes for junior, mid- and senior purchasers
    Our lecturers worked hard through 2019 to improve the curricula for the online programmes. There are now three programmes available for maritime purchasers and suppliers, ranging from a beginner’s course in marine procurement up to an advanced programme in purchasing and supply. All our courses are designed from an academic perspective and integrated with practical and useful scenarios. While procurement is a topic that is commercial in practice, gaining an in-depth understanding of it through taking a holistic approach is the only way to obtain tacit knowledge. Modules include procurement and supply chain management, negotiation skills, legal aspects of procurement, financial economic aspects and much more.

  • New packages for employers looking to train several juniors
    With the launch of the improved online programmes, we have created several appealing packages for employees looking to train several of their junior purchasers or suppliers. This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure that your junior colleagues will learn from the best in the industry and be able to readily apply theory to practice.