IMPA Education set to launch new online course for junior purchasers and suppliers

Many of IMPA’s buyer and supplier members have joined forces to help develop the industry’s first-ever entry-level online marine purchasing education programme.

Ideally suited for marine purchasers and suppliers who are new, or relatively new, to the maritime industry, this new course will offer students a basic-level understanding of the maritime industry and its main players, the key roles in the marine supply chain, the various elements of marine purchasing, procurement and logistics, as well as the more recent developments in technology and sustainability.

Modules will include:

Module 1 - Introduction to the Maritime Industry

Why is the maritime industry essential for global trade? Develop an understanding about the industry’s key features and actors, including company types, vessel categories and sizes, and port locations, and get an introduction to the world of marine procurement and logistics.

Module 2 - Key Roles in the Marine Supply Chain

How crucial are people to the maritime supply chain? Gain a clear understanding of the various relevant categories of offshore, onshore and port personnel, as well as what each role is designed to do.

Module 3 - Marine Purchasing & Procurement

What sits at the heart of the value creation process for a company? Learn why the answer is “procurement” by getting to grasp with the basics of identifying need, specifying requirements for different categories of goods and services needed, successful supplier relationship management and more.

Module 4 - Marine Logistics

Delve deeper into the process of planning, implementing and managing the movement of goods and information involved in the ocean carriage.

Module 5 - Marine Supply Chain and Technology

Technology has been reshaping the maritime industry for over two decades. Find out about new technologies that promise to completely transform shipping as you know it.

Module 6 - Sustainability and Procurement

Procurement departments have a huge role in making purchasing decisions that have a lower negative impact on people and the environment. Find out about new initiatives that can help the purchasers of tomorrow procure with purpose.

“As a global platform for collaboration, learning and topical debate, IMPA is uniquely positioned to respond to the lack of options available in the market for industry-specific procurement training. By working together with many of our highly experienced and knowledgeable members, the Association will be creating a new, comprehensive and highly accessibly education programme designed to educate juniors in our industry. This course has been requested times and times again, and we are glad to have started work on delivering it to the industry.” (Susan Koefoed, CEO & Chair, IMPA)

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive course, but accessible to new and inexperienced maritime procurement professionals.
  • Informed by varied industry expertise and applicable to both marine buyers and suppliers.
  • Hosted 100% online on a known training platform that can be accessed 24/7 by students.
  • No time limits on the length it can take for completion; each student takes the course in their own time.
  • Financially accessible to students from all backgrounds.

The course is now in the early stages of its development and will officially open its doors to students in 2024.