Johannessen scholar Ma. Concepcion C. Catan on accessible learning

Freshly graduated from IMPA’s course for certified buyers, scholar and graduate-of-the-year Ma. Concepcion C. Catan of BW Fleet Management shares her opinion of the IMPA education programme

Congratulations for your achievement, Connie! Why did you decide to join IMPA’s course?

Thank you! I decided to join the course as I believed it would furnish more learning and show me the current trends and approaches in global maritime procurement. As a purchaser, learning about the IMPA training and the scholarship opportunity was very interesting.

You are indeed a scholarship holder, which means that you have won IMPA’s essay contest. What has this meant to you?

I am very grateful to the Association, as they saw the enthusiasm on my paper and chose me to be one of the scholars in 2017. This created and opened an opportunity for me to continuously develop and improve my craft. It broadened both my knowledge and network in the industry. It also made me more committed, dedicated and enthusiastic, so that I could be successful on this course and really enjoy learning more.

How have you found the course content?

The programme and course content were structured and organised. The topics and discussions were based on the facts and situations that we are facing today. When I was looking at the syllabus for the first time, I realised that the course would help not only improve our own processes, but also address and educate us on how to deal with different areas of procurement.

How did you feel about the online aspect of the course? Was your learning curve supported enough by the teachers and did the discussion forum assist you?

The format of the course provided flexibility to us, the students, as we are often located in different countries and working on different time zones. The daily discussion between students and tutors regarding different topics were very interesting, as they widened my knowledge on every aspect of procurement. Additionally, the weekly tasks allowed us to research and understand deeply each assigned subject. Engaging with the forum and the students’ different views and opinions were indeed very good ways to learn. If I were to make a suggestion on the format, it would be good to have a video chat at least once a month, as you would get to see and interact live with co-students and tutors.

Was it entirely feasible to commit to the programme while working full time?

For one who is eager and interested in learning, yes, it was entirely feasible. One has to be committed and mindful that there will be sacrifices in relation to the family too, but time management is the key to success. You have to handle it well and it will be achievable.

Do you feel that the course provided good value for money and that it will enhance your career prospects? Would you recommend the course to a friend?

Yes, investing in education is always worthwhile. I believe in knowledge sharing, and I have been already encouraging my colleagues to do research as well on every topic that I learned, as each and every one is indeed very useful to our daily work life. I have introduced and shared my experiences with them on my journey to receiving an IMPA Certified Buyer’s diploma. Having this certificate uplifts my confidence and will surely contribute to my career advancement.